Secret Sharing Game!

Type your secret text below, and a (simplified version of a) (3, 5)-SS (Secret Sharing) scheme will be generated. (Shares are binary, but displayed as characters.) Select different subsets of the shares and combine them to see the result. Only when the correct combination of shares is combined will the secret emerge!

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Shares Combination
Share 1 -
Share 2 -
Share 3 -
Share 4 -
Share 5 -
Share 6 -
Share 7 -
Share 8 -
Share 9 -
Share 10 -


Each of these shares is completely random, not containing any information about the secret text whatsoever. Imagine harnessing this type of security in a cipher to secure information transmission and storage... That is what the Share-Send/Store Algorithms (SSA) accomplishes!